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Technical Assistance Coaching Fund

Request for TA/Coaching Support

MCAEL is pleased to announce the availability of funding for technical assistance and coaching for organizations that provide adult English literacy classes in Montgomery County.  Providers can request funding for: 

  • Technical assistance on a particular aspect of program administration (such as registration and intake, curriculum development, outreach, or assessment), or  
  • Coaching for an instructor who participated in the MCAEL Instructor Observation Program. 

Each technical assistance or coaching award will be in the amount of $150 to offset or cover 3-4 hours of time of an experienced program manager or instructor who will serve as a consultant or coach, respectively.  

The request form is below.  Requests will be accepted on a rolling basis.  (See announcement for additional conditions/requirements.)

Organization you work/volunteer for

Please submit a one paragraph statement of interest in the box below that includes the following information:

  1. What is the objective of the consultancy or coaching?  Please be as specific as possible.
  2. Please describe the challenge/need to be addressed.
  3. How was this need identified?

What is the proposed consultancy/coaching format and estimated hours required? 
Example A: Meeting with program administrator for consultant to learn more about program and discuss issues to be addressed (1 hr) + 2nd meeting with program administrator and other staff to discuss ideas for improving the particular aspect) (1-2 hrs) 
Example B: Meeting with program administrator/instructor (1 hr) + observation (1 hr) + coaching for instructor (1 hr)

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