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Posted: Aug 03, 2021

ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE (ESOL) PROGRAM: A program sponsored by Mill Creek Parish United Methodist Church.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE MILL CREEK PARISH ESOL PROGRAM: The ESOL Program offers English classes for adults needing to learn or improve their English language skills. Our growing program began in 2019 as a direct response to a stated need for more English classes in the Derwood community surrounding our church. Through this program we work together to provide adult learners with opportunities to learn, study, and practice English through various levels of adult ESOL classes and community events. The program seeks to enrich the lives of all participants not only through the classes, but by providing a warm and Christian environment where children and adults feel respected, valued, and welcome. In addition to English classes for adults, we also strive to connect our learners with the community including various community resources such as food distribution, education and tutoring support, childcare, technology resources, and more. 
MCP offers 4 levels of English classes: Basic, Level 1, Level 2, and Conversation. These classes take place on Wednesday evenings (7:00-9:00 pm). We plan to resume classes in-person this fall, with the option to revert to virtual classes should the needs arise.
During the time of classes, a Children’s Enrichment Program is offered. The Children are organized in two groups: 1) those in need of care and enrichment, and 2) those in need of homework guidance and tutoring. Volunteers resource this program. Due to COVID, this component of our program is unavailable, but we plan to resume it as soon as it is deemed safe to do so.
JOB DESCRIPTION: The Program Administrator will work in consultation with the Minister of Christian Discipleship and report to them. Together they set the tone and vision for the entire program.  In addition, the Program Administrator will work in partnership with the leaders of the Mill Creek Parish ESOL team to:

  • Create a welcoming environment for teachers, volunteers/staff, and students.
  • Lead, coordinate, and supervise all program components, including classes, semi-annual registration, and other program events.
  • Prepare school year calendar making sure that is in alignment with the church calendar, and with the Montgomery County School Board calendar.
  • Develop and translate marketing materials to advertise ESOL classes to the broader community. 
  • Coordinate student registration making sure that students are assigned to the appropriate level of classes.
  • Compile registration materials to create a current directory of adults and children participants.
  • Order textbooks for teachers and students.
  • Prepare attendance sheets for teachers (attendance data is also used for MCAEL grant reporting).
  • When classes are in-person, make sure that classrooms are ready for class, and at the end of classes make sure rooms are back to their regular order.
  • When classes are virtual, ensure teachers and students have access to virtual class information.
  • In collaboration with teachers organize annual events for learners including a Thanksgiving celebration and “End of the School Year/Graduation” celebration.
  • Submit information in a timely fashion for monthly payroll payment, if needed.
  • Attend occasional Montgomery Coalition for Adult English Literacy (MCAEL) meetings and grant recipient workshops.
  • Work closely with the volunteers and teachers to ensure classes are running smoothly, students are making progress in their learnings and achieving their educational goals, and teachers feel supported in their work and needs.


  • Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel), Google Sheets, and Zoom.
  • 1-2 years of experience in ESOL Program teaching or administration, preferred.


  • This is a part-time position that pays $15/hour with an anticipated workload of approximately 5 hours/week from September through June.

REPORTING: This position reports directly to the Minister of Christian Discipleship.
LOCATION: Mill Creek Parish United Methodist Church, 7101 Horizon Terrace, Derwood MD 20854.
TO APPLY: Send resume to Rev. Megan Blanchard, Minister of Christian Discipleship, via email:

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