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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

State of Literacy Released

Today in Montgomery County, one in seven residents is limited in their ability to communicate in English, and more than 80,000 adults lack the basic literacy skills to complete a job application. To learn more about the challenges and opportunities facing the County, click here to view the first-ever report, issued by MCAEL in July 2010.

Click here to view MCAEL's Strategic Plan, and learn more about the steps we are taking to address this challenge over the coming three years.

"Without MCAEL, we’d be duplicating efforts and maybe not doing [our work] very well.  I’m so impressed by the people of all ages and backgrounds who are involved.  We all have a commitment to help people learn English, so they can function in the community and within families."
Dunya Hecht, Rockville Senior Center English program
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