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Monday, February 5, 2018

FY19 RFPs Released for English Literacy Grants

MCAEL is pleased to continue to support adult ESOL services in FY19, in partnership with the Montgomery County Government.  The goal of the MCAEL grants program is to increase the availability of adult ESOL and literacy services that support identified community needs and diverse populations while also supporting the improvement of quality of services.

MCAEL grants are made available to support adult English literacy programs in order to: (1) access and leverage ongoing/new partnerships and resources; (2) create access to English classes for underserved populations; and (3) develop access points to link individuals to the larger ESOL system that exists in Montgomery County

There are two distinct grant tracks: 1) Adult English Literacy Program Grants and 2) Adult English Literacy Access Grants.

Applications are due on April 3, 2018.   Please see the MCAEL grants webpage for more information here.  

"Without MCAEL, we’d be duplicating efforts and maybe not doing [our work] very well.  I’m so impressed by the people of all ages and backgrounds who are involved.  We all have a commitment to help people learn English, so they can function in the community and within families."
Dunya Hecht, Rockville Senior Center English program
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